We understand that users are cautious and concerned about the use and sharing of their personal information, and we take this concern seriously. Thus, we want to assure you about your privacy. Kindly go through our entire privacy policy to learn about the terms of usage of our service as well as how we collect and use your information.

When you visit our website or use our application in any manner, you accept all of our policies and practices as mentioned here in this privacy policy, and you hereby, give your consent that we can process, utilize, collect and share your personal information as described herein.

We hereby declare that we abide by the EUGDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which has been recently implemented in European Union.

Privacy Policy Principles

This privacy policy holds three principles as mentioned below with respect to providing you the related services from our end. The information that we collect from you will only be utilized for improving our services. We only collect “Personal Information,” which is required to personally identify 'you,' so that we can optimize our Services for you. We pledge to keep complete transparency in our privacy practices.

What does this Privacy Policy hold?

This Privacy Policy covers the information, which is collected from users while they access or use our Services. This Privacy Policy does not ensure safety of individual's information from the companies that we DO NOT control or own or the entities that are not employed or managed by us, counting in, with without limitations, third-party content providers delivering information through the services.

We have a stringent policy against the registration and hence, we do not intentionally allow gathering or requesting personal information or permit to register any person under the age of 13. You are requested not to register or send us your personal information, such as phone number, name, address or email, if you have not attained the age of 13 years.

If such a situation occurs, wherein we find that the collected information is from someone under the age of 13 without parental consent, we immediately delete such data. You can contact us at [email protected], if you think that our website may contain any such information gathered about or from children under 13.

What information do we collect and why?

Generally, the information we collect falls into two categories that are as follows:

The user information gathered from the usage of the service

Data related to the content the users prefer the most. Such collected information is utilized for personalizing and enhancing our services, to estimate how you utilize our services as well as to provide you with your services and products. We may also share the information with our partners, so that we can provide you enhanced experience of our services, but we never reveal your personal identity.

Here are some examples of personal information that we gather from you:

Country Code: This information allows us to collect details about your geographical domains that help us serve in a better way in future releases by providing you with the region-specific music.

Storage permission: Our service requires the storage permission (read and write) to store or analyze the data downloaded on to your device.

Although we take all sorts of safety measures to protect your personal information, , if any third-party, by any means, intrudes and attempts to obtain this information illegally, in such a case, this privacy policy will not be liable.

The information collected from users is never disclosed to others

We never, intentionally, disclose your personal information to any individual or entity who/which has nothing to do with our products or services. The information we collect from you remains safe in our database.

How to control and access your information?

When it comes to your personal information, you have some choices available to you that are as follows along with the procedure to exercise them and limitations associated with them.

What are your choices:

It's your right to ask for a copy of your personal information, to request removal or restriction to access to your information, to object our usage of your information (counting in promotional purposes), or to request your information in an electronic manner. For any assistance, you can contact us or send us email provided below in the query section.

You can opt out of the information you share with us as well as remove/modify the information

You will have to send us a message mentioning the account preferences so that we could remove any stored online details from our databases. For this, you can write to us at [email protected] With regard to the applicable laws, we would like you to let you know that we may keep the information for personal transactions and record keeping.

Access or update the information

Our service as well as related documentation provides option to access and update any particular info about you from the Service itself. From the profile settings, you can easily alter your profile information.

Remove/Disable your account

In case you no longer want to utilize our services, you can delete your account at any point in time. The setting for removing your account is available within the account settings. In case you are not able to remove the account, you can request for removing the account through email, which is given below.

Remove your information

You can easily delete certain information about yourself from the Service itself. For example, you can delete your profile information from the profile settings.

Request to stop the usage of your information

If you believe, in any case, that we do not have the appropriate rights to use, access, stop or otherwise process your information, you can request us to stop such activities. For instance, if a service account has been created for you without your permission, you can request for its removal.

Disclaimer about protection of personal information

All the important personal information that we gather from you will have a highly encrypted format, so that your identity remains secure and safe in our databases. Sometimes, we may provide you a few third-party links on our website to enhance your experience. Such third-party websites have their own privacy policies, and we cannot be held responsible for their content or activities. However, any feedback regarding them is always welcomed.

While you can request for your information, the request may be limited in many cases; for instance, if the request results in disclosing information of any other individual or you ask to remove information, which is not permitted by the local law or that have compelling genuine reasons to be kept with us.

When you visit our website from anywhere

In case you are utilizing our app from anywhere in the world, the personal information collected from you may be relocated or stored to other or our main servers. And, all the data will be encrypted to ensure your information safety.

Privacy Policy Amendments

Regularly, we keep on amending our privacy policy. Thus, the usage of information depends on these changes. In case we make any change to the procedure of how we use or share your personal details, we will surely notify you about it via emails and you will be expected to follow the change thereof.

Issue of electronic notice in case of safety breach

In case if we need to send you unauthorized access notice or any other notice related to system security invasion here, you give your consent that we can do this whenever it is required (or voluntarily) through posting a notice on our website or by sending a notice to your email we have, in our good faith. In addition, you also accept that the notice sent to you will be considered as a notice to others on whose behalf you are working and forward it to them as well.

For queries and concerns

In case you have any type of query or concern about our privacy policy, feel free to send us a message at [email protected],explaining your concern in the message. We ensure you to resolve your problem as soon as possible.