Benefits of Somatic Therapy Somatic therapy is considered to be a mind-body therapy because it relies on the connection between mental and physical processes. Meaning of Gene Therapy: Gene therapy is the use of DNA as a pharma­ceutical agent to treat diseases. the efficient transfer and expression of a variety of human genes into target cells, has already been accomplished in several systems. Meaning of Gene Therapy 2. There are two different kinds of gene therapy treatment: somatic cell gene therapy and germline therapy. In a simpler terms, there are 2 types of Gene therapy namely: A) Somatic Gene Therapy: This type of gene therapy involves the transferring of a section of DNA to a somatic cell (example: bone cells) to another.The effects of somatic gene therapy … Disadvantages. The prelude to successful human somatic gene therapy, i.e. Safe … Vectors 4. The benefits that gene therapy can bring to society is an ever growing prospect … Types of Gene Therapy 3. It was first conceptualized in 1972, with the authors urg­ing caution before commencing gene therapy … After all, your mind and … Advantages 5.