Copper Custom - Ruger® 22 Charger™ AR Pistol Brace Adapter. It’s fitted with a Velcro strap for your forearm, and the backplate is friction fitted to prevent sliding, giving you excellent accuracy, stability, and control over your firearm all within this small package. Just as the name implies, this brace is perfect for smaller AR & AK pistols. For a deeper dive into the legal history of braces check out our write-up on Pistol Braces & The ATF. You do not pay anything extra and your Thordsen achieves comfort without trying to look like a medical device. Just like every other pistol brace, you’ll be getting exceptional stability and increased accuracy by using this addition, but it does have its difference. You may also be interested in some of the best AR-15 folding stock adapters. Let’s start several decades ago. My current favorite is the SBA3 pistol brace since it updates the SBM4 with a slicker look and adjustability. I could not find it’s ok on the ATF site can you post a link saying it’s ok to shoulder a pistol with a brace without it being NFA. He says right below it that that only applies to California. List price was $210.00 our price $157.45 List Price: $ 210.00. at it. It doesn’t do much, on account of there not being any room to fit any extra additions into this brace, but its bare-bones design is what helps keep the price down while still remaining a high-quality item. The Thordsen is a stock and would legally make any AR-15 it attached to a rifle, so it is not viable for a pistol build. Not many two armed people are using the brace function. DROS... this is a California thing, correct? It’s an expensive addition, no doubt about that, but the price isn’t unwarranted. Long story short, you can shoulder your AR-15 pistol without any issues, so shoulder away!' 6 Best AR-15 Pistols [2021 Complete & Build List], Best AR-15 Scopes & Optics [2021]: Red Dots to Magnified, 5 Best Pistol Red Dot Sights [Real-Views + Video], 6 Best AR-15 Flashlights [2021 Real Views], 7 Best AR-15 Lasers [Hands-On]: Budget to Pro, 8 Best .45 ACP Pistols (That Aren't 1911s). This may not seem like a big deal for the average AR-15 pistol, but if you’re planning on shooting a harder-hitting AR-15 pistol chambered for .308 or 6.8 SPC, you’re going to be thankful that SB made this brace as soft as they did. Born with a partnership with SB Tactical (that’s why it looks like the SBPDW)…. And now, everyone can enjoy their AR pistol and brace without worrying. I have a question so can you shoulder the maxim defense (stock or brace) whatever it is I'm sure stock but can you shoulder it with out a atf form 1? Really liking the design of the SBPDW’. This crime was undeniably horrific. The original solution to this was stabilizing braces, which saw the buffer tube extending past the butt of the gun in order for you to put you against your shoulder and manage recoil. //]]>, We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. It accommodates buffer tubes up to 1.25” in diameter and is designed to help increase aim and support when firing your AR-15 pistol. The AR-15 pistol is one of those guns that you love or hate. lol. We offer a wide selection of firearms, including: handguns, shotguns, rifles, ammunition, rifle scopes and optics, as well as collectible machine guns and other NFA/Class 3 guns. But still…there’s still uninformed people and law enforcement out there…so still, user beware. Can you provide a reference to support this statement. As one of the major names that helped make AR & AK pistol braces popular and available, a SIG Sauer product is a purchase with guaranteed quality. For a few extra features and the right pistol to pair it with, this is an excellent brace at a great price. If you’re new to the AR pistol scene, and you’re looking for your first brace just improve your accuracy and help get comfortable with your new weapon, the Shockwave Blade is the perfect place to start. Many people have put the brace … Shooting feels as natural as ever with this brace attached, whether you’re just using the nylon strap or using it as a shoulder brace. This SB Tactical SB15 Stabilizing Brace for AR Pistol Buffer Tube Platform is an upgrade from the original model that offers increased stability and accuracy for any shooter. Attaching the PDW brace is pretty much as painless like the SBPDW. And if so, how would I go about doing it? Stocks and braces can't be used interchangeably due to their legal ramifications. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, Technology Branch has affirmed that the Thordsen Customs Buffer Tube Cover/CAA Saddle combination is a CHEEK REST and IS NOT a "rifle stock. The EVAC comes in a compact Blackhawk® ready bag and is rapidly deployed by simply extending the folding brace and locking the barrel into the upper receiver. The main one is its method of attachment. And you get additional QD mounts on the side and a proprietary buffer tube and spring system with the JP Silent Capture Spring System. And lastly…you’re not stuck with the single length-of-pull of the old brace versions. //