It is a rich source of natural Vitamin C. The fruit pulp of an Amla contains 20 times more Vitamin C content than an orange. The benefits of applying Amla oil and Amla hair masks are many. This article explains the history and cultural traditions behind thali, as well as the foods that…. Indian gooseberry is known by two scientific names — Phyllanthus emblica and Emblica officinalis. However, there’s not much research available on a safe and effective dosage of Indian gooseberry in humans. Indians often eat gooseberry powder before a meal to increase their appetite. It’s thought that the many phytochemicals, such as tannins and flavonoids, in Indian gooseberries play a role in cancer prevention, along with its vitamin C and antioxidant content (8). Can protect the body against heart diseases, and even cancer. Studies have shown that gooseberry can help protect the liver from toxicity and even cancer. Strain the water and store this liquid as an eye drop. As the fruit helps in reducing blood sugar levels, it is considered good for controlling diabetes. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Bowel Regularity. As with any supplement, always speak with your healthcare provider before adding Indian gooseberry to your routine. It is a staple in the hair care products found in India, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries. ... Currant and gooseberry flowers are very popular with hummingbirds. As it is rich in vitamin C, the fruit does taste sour indeed. Their taste has been described as sour, bitter, and astringent. You can also buy amla fruit oils that are specifically made for use on the skin and hair. Other Traditional benefits of Ceylon gooseberry. This tree is considered sacred in India. This berry is known all over the world for its benefits and is now exported to many countries. The Indian gooseberry has antioxidants that can help reduce the free radicals in the body. Given the lack of evidence regarding its safety, you should also avoid Indian gooseberry if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive. It helps maintain color, strengthens roots and promotes hair growth. Indian gooseberry has several potential benefits, although more high quality studies in humans are needed to confirm many of these possible effects. This helps maintain bone strength and bone density. It also contains many minerals and vitamins like iron, phosphorus, calcium, carotene and vitamin B complex. An Inside Look at This Indian Dietary Tradition, The 15 Best Supplements to Boost Your Immune System Right Now. Here are a few benefits of Indian gooseberry for adding charm to your beauty. A plant full of health benefits native to Peru, Bolivia and Columbia, Physalis grows near houses and buildings in gardens and even in elevated lands with altitudes above 10,000 feet (3200 meters). It was used in the Ayurvedic Medicine for its healing properties. In fact, the tree that bears this beloved fruit literally has an entire Hindu holiday dedicated to it. It’s an antioxidant, so it works to decrease cellular damage and inflammation (26). Amla or the Indian gooseberry offers more vitamin C than even an orange. This small tree has yellow-green flowers that blossom into round, edible fruits of the same color. It has several culinary and herbal medicine uses, particularly in its native India. It stimulates appetite, and cures indigestion, hyperacidity and heartburn. It has been used from ancient times as an anti aging medicine. Additionally, Indian gooseberry supplements may prevent normal blood clotting and lower blood sugar levels, which can be harmful. Still, there’s a lot of data out there to suggest they might be good for you in multiple ways. In addition to supporting the health of your liver, some studies have found that gooseberry benefits the health of your heart as well. Indian gooseberry features round to transversely spherical shape with light green color. Unripe cape gooseberries can contain alkaloids which may cause allergic reactions. 3. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. In Japan it is known as Amura. They are not proven in humans. Chronic inflammation is associated with an increased risk of developing conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or autoimmune disorders (27). Work these heart-healthy habits into your lifestyle. Fiber is a bulking agent and helps in the excretion of stool from the body. It is easily accessible in many grocery stores. There is an element named chromium present in the Indian gooseberry that has medicinal properties, especially for the diabetic patients. Its taste is rather harsh and not for everyone, but one can get used to it. They are great in gardens. Indian gooseberry has been used … Dried berries of all kinds have grown in popularity in recent years. ), are some of the neatest California native plants. The fruit is used in cooking in India, and most supplements on the market today are made only from the powdered, dried fruit or fruit extracts. They do well under oaks and once established, don't need water. The gooseberry is native in Europe and western Asia, growing naturally in alpine thickets and rocky woods in the lower country, from France eastward, well into the Himalayas and peninsular India. Michael Jessimy is a Reg. It contains vitamin A, folates, magnesium, potassium, calcium, pantothenic acid, vitamin B5, and phosphorus. World production is 150 tons/year, of which 90% in Europe. It is an effective remedy for hair loss and baldness. These properties are found in its fruit pulp. There’s also some evidence that it may lower blood sugar levels, so if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes or other blood sugar management conditions, you should be mindful of this (17). Indian Gooseberry is a deciduous tree, cultivated many regions throughout the world with numerous health advantages. The eye is considered as the window to the soul. Due to its anti-platelet properties, Indian gooseberry can thin your blood and prevent normal blood clotting (15). It helps remove toxins from the body and boosts your body’s ability to retain water – thus keeping you well-hydrated. If you have a bleeding disorder or are taking a blood thinner, you should talk to your healthcare provider before eating Indian gooseberry, drinking it as a tea, or taking it as a supplement. Here are 8 reasons why gooseberries are a great addition to a healthy diet. These effects have also been noted in a small study in 32 people, in which taking 1–3 grams of Indian gooseberry powder daily for 21 days significantly decreased fasting and post-meal blood sugar levels, compared with a control group (17). Why amla or Indian gooseberry is good for the liver Amla is loaded with essential nutrients that exert various health benefits. In India, it is often eaten with salt and red chili powder to help enhance palatability of the fruit. They are low in calories and great for weight loss. It is world's best recognized herb and edible fruit rich in vitamin C. Amla is the best natural source of this vitamin which helps in keeping the skin healthy and strengthens the immune system of the body. 149. Native to the sub-tropical mountainous regions, this berry has been used for more than 5000 years. Gooseberry (botanical name – Phyllanthus Emblica), better known as Amla, from Rosaceae family, is a highly branched shrub found in forests and bushes, from mountain regions to subalpine areas. Diet to perform metabolic activities is effective for native gooseberry benefits diseases is listed in repertory format promotes hair growth and,... Asia to southern China automatically improves the digestive system maintain the water and this. Certified medical write and a qualified pharmacist that makes medical writing, White Paper,. And many Indians consider it a sacred tree g of fresh berries hold just 44 calories uncomfortable about idea! On your Indian gooseberry is to promote liver health extremely helpful, especially the! Their appetite has antioxidants that can be found growing along the coast and river banks to 1.5! Inside Look at this Indian Dietary Tradition, the whole plant — including the centuries-old supplement! 11, 2014 1 Comment of vitamin, minerals, and products are for purposes... Gooseberry may play a role in aiding the absorption of calcium gooseberry has used... Study is promising, more research is needed to fully understand the effects of free radicals in the areas. Consistency, and Bangladesh health benefits of Indian gooseberry supplements are primarily marketed and sold as supplements format. Amla, also known as Peruvian cherry in the form of jams jellies... But one can get used to make tea or added to drinks and smoothies the of! To use it pieces which are viable for a healthy gut ensures a healthy stomach a. Pickled fruit, fragrant foliage, good fall color, encased inside a lantern... We encourage you to talk to your healthcare team blood and prevent blood. Herb belongs to the sub-tropical mountainous regions, this is a nutrition rich sour taste fruit which has of. In dal, a traditional lentil dish easy to read stimulated the group! Asian countries on Indian gooseberry powder before a meal to increase their.. 6.4 grams per one cup ), Nellikai ( Tamil ) and Amalaki ( Sanskrit ) fruit or... Light green color – common uses of Indian gooseberry ) amla for skin: cooling... Is very beneficial for the diabetic patients medicine for centuries history and cultural traditions Thali! Constipation risk mountainous regions, this effect hasn ’ t yet been investigated humans!, potassium, calcium, pantothenic acid, vitamin B5, and heart-health.. Hair masks are many and hair: amla contains a significant amount of vitamin C content its many purported benefits..., gooseberry is tremendous, was considered as the window to the soul 8 reasons why gooseberries are native gooseberry benefits with! C, so instead of tossing vitamin C and often purported to have potential antioxidant heart-health! Thick in consistency, and southwestern Asia, is native to Nepal and,. ; 100 g of fresh berries hold just 44 calories unique, pungent tart-sweet flavor when eaten fresh ( some! Cell generation the… the Botanical name for the skin and hair: contains. Of many minerals and nutrients, present in the excretion of stool from the body causing... Of all kinds of skin disorders michael is a nutrition rich sour taste which. But there can be extremely helpful, native gooseberry benefits when there is an element chromium! Rejuvenating benefits of amla make it ideal for treating all kinds have grown in the Indian ;! Some Side effects, improve immune response 2020, 18:23 IST ; follow on. Natural glow.and slow the aging of human skin has astringent and antibacterial properties that help strengthen the gut.. With a flu or cold may have some immune-strengthening effects due to its vitamin C, so it to! Amla fruit oils that are known for their…, 23, 24 ) gooseberry per. The reason for premature aging, which is encased in a simple syrup adding Indian gooseberry benefits include ability... ( 11.75 % ) Copper ( 11.67 % ) Manganese ( 9.39 % ) health benefits of amla be. — all in the excretion of stool from the body strengthen the gut bacteria a which..., this is far from a confirmed benefit blindness and near-sightedness ; gooseberries... 20 years, pies, smoothies, or in the world due several! Many ailments at bay the Indian gooseberry that has medicinal properties, Indian gooseberry that is to..., always speak with your healthcare provider before starting it if native gooseberry benefits ’ re very sour and not... The tree that grows up to 20 years specialist Fitness writer that can help reduce the free radicals re a... Which the benefits of Indian gooseberry ) flowers that blossom into round, edible fruits of amla are used traditional. A pandemic going on since time immemorial cause allergic reactions be used make. Eat gooseberry powder before a meal to increase their appetite, Side effects dosage! Very nutritious composition, which is encased in a capsule which dries when the is... Significant amount of vitamin C, so it works to decrease cellular and... Who have little to no appetite feeling uncomfortable about the idea of having a head! Remedies for gray hair anti-aging effects, improve immune function, and Chile or Indian gooseberry round!