The serial number on your Maytag washer will allow you to identify the model of the product and its year of manufacture. However, only the last two digits are non-numeric alphabet characters. Find the serial number. Example serial number… Maytag Serial Number List. You will need to write down the serial number from your model and serial tag. For example, Maytag … Home / Appliance Model Number Listings / Maytag Models Over the years Maytag has increased the number of digits in the serial number. Maytag Oil Mix; Model 92; Model 72; Maytag Serial Number List; John Deere; Catalog; Show; Maytag … APPLIANCE MODEL LOOKUP; Need Help ? Maytag now also owns, Jenn-Air, MagicChef and Amana. This may seem like a small benefit, but it would be key if you need to arrange a repair or have to order key parts, which in this case the model … Parts; Engines For Sale; Tech. Call Us Toll-Free 1-866-678-3718 1-866-678-3718. This page may help you find out the manufacturing date of your Maytag built appliance.; Home; About Us; Our Shop; Contact; Shopping. Maytag Serial Numbers . Maytag Models. FREE SHIPPING OVER $50. Maytag stamps its appliances with serial numbers in at least one place and sometimes more. The breakdown for Maytag … In general the serial stickers are kept in spots people don't usually touch.