Guitar Review - Martin 000-15SM. In fact it was love at first sight on this 000 as soon as I had played the first chord in the store and this it was confirmed later. Martin has been in the all mahogany game since the 1920s however, when these guitars became very popular with the Blues players, thanks to their lower price point and unique sound. Charles Saufley. This guitar is a real pleasure to play. Back, sides and top are bookmatched solid genuine mahogany with A-frame Sitka Spruce X-bracing and a traditional maple bridge-plate. CF Martin has been absent from GI's Quiet Room for far too long so we sent Tom Quayle off in a long search through the company's now enormous product range. Check out our full Martin guitar review below. Body & Neck. The 000-15M is virtually the same as the D-15M, except that it is in Martin’s 000 shape. Martin 000-15SM Acoustic Guitar Review. December 20, 2011. Issue #45. Conclusion. The 000-15m is Martin’s latest take on this design and it sticks firmly to this aesthetically understated approach, with just the visual bare essentials but a tonal palette that is anything but basic. M = Solid Mahogany top, back and sides. 15 = 15 Series. Martin 000-15m Acoustic Guitar. The Martin 15 Series Custom 000-15ME Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar offers a perfect blend of vintage features and modern technology to create an acoustic guitar of exceptional tone, playability and classic Martin good looks. This Auditorium-style (000-14) electro acoustic guitar from Martin is a visually distinctive and innovative instrument, that's perfect for the performing musician for whom a full-sized Dreadnought is a little too much. What we are looking at here is an all-mahogany giant, meaning that the body is all mahogany, as well as the neck. The shape is larger than the 00 but smaller than the Dreadnought and GP shapes. 000 = 000 Shape. Such an approach combines durability and stability on one side, while delivering copious amounts of natural resonance and warmth on the other. A A Believe it or not, there are days as a gear reviewer where you’ll scream if you have to tweak another knob, dial in another tone, split another coil, troubleshoot mystery hiss, or fret over some immaculate nitrocellulose finish that dinged when you looked at it wrong. Review.