Below are four examples of simple, yet effective stretching exercises for wrist … If your child has had a poor wrist position for a while, some of the wrist muscles may be slightly shortened and tight. Then move on to the next exercise. You will need to help your child with some wrist stretching exercises… Wrist supination refers to the motion of turning your wrist over so your palm is face-up. Wrist stretching exercises are a step further in wrist physical therapy. The main muscles that help to turn your wrist … Wrist Supination With Dumbbell . As the name suggests, these types of exercises stretch out the muscles and tendons in the wrist and forearm, increasing circulation and overall flexibility. Adjust the height of the rings appropriate for your fitness level (the lower the rings the more difficult the exercise… Find out why a wrist-extended position is important (separate page on my site) Resources and Tips; Related Pages; Wrist Stretching Exercises. A great exercise to work on wrist stability, as well as stability through the elbow, shoulder and core. Repeat the wrist flexion exercise for two to three sets of 10-15 repetitions. Verywell/Brett Sears.