Send it to your heart's content. [This is a continuum, and we will likely fall somewhere in between, though we keep fixed on the goal of pure devotion]. Radha's advent on earth. So, 1 word Rama=1000 names of Mahavishnu and Kartika doesn't end on the last day of Kartika! Are we hungry for Krishna, or only religiously chanting? Guru Maharaj’s replied surprised to say the least ‘because there is no love and love can’t be artificially produced’. sakale mānada, āpani amānī, (āmār) aparādha ghuci’, śuddha nāme ruci, Krishna's conch named Panchjanya had powerful reverberations all over the world when blown. *Story of Prabhupada and his disciple, Trivikrama Swami: Many shastras and sadhus describe the practice of sincerely crying to Bhagavan Sri Krishna for His—mercy, grace, glance, guidance and darshana. Wed, 11/19/2008 - 02:38 — DBB The mantra becomes powerful by the knowledge, faith, belief & experience of the person reciting the mantra. The chanting is exactly like a genuine cry by the child for the mother. Below is the collection of some of the powerful Krishna Mantras in Sanskrit and English, also with Meaning. 1. Since last many days I am trying to analyse why I feel hollow from inside as if some part of me as has gone missing. All glories to the Holy Name. Books 5 euro. | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy. We hope you find what you are searching for! nāmera hāṭete dibe adhikār, (When will Nityananda Prabhu be merciful to me and deliver me from the enchantment [maya] of the sense objects? When will I forget my own pleasure in genuine humility? *Krishna is the possession of the materially impoverished (Queen Kunit's prayer in Shrimad Bhagavatam) (When will I taste the essence of the Holy Name, feeling myself to be lower than the grass, my heart filled with tolerance? Give me causeless devotional service [bhakti] to your lotus feet, birth after birth. Crying is the last word in the progressive path of devotional service. Sad Radha And Krishna Crying, Lord Krishna, Kanaiya, Radhe Krishna HD Wallpapers For Free *We have to create a vacuum in our hearts, so we can call Krishna to fill up that space within us; ex: Krishna waited till Queen Draupadi exhausted all means of support, and then called exclusively on him--then he helped her. I haven’t developed love for Krishna but somehow a seed has sprouted in my dry and barren heart which is strange because usually in a dry place only a cactus grows. Once again, thank you for sharing such an important knowledge and hope that we will be fortunate of such things in future as well. koriyā mojibo rase anibār, (When will I buy, borrow or steal the ecstasies of the Holy Name? Books 4 euro; Media 4 euro; Posters 4 euro; Various 4 euro; 5 Euro. Let us o *Krishna says in the Adi Purana: "If you are crying before me, it is the only way to obtain me." When will you give me your blessings, erase all my offences and give my heart a taste [ruci] for chanting the Holy Name in purity? Books 4 euro; Media 4 euro; Posters 4 euro; Various 4 euro; 5 Euro. Dear Karnamrita, since our friendship in has started, I can't say that I advance for I can not estimate myself, but I feel much better. Krishna became the focus of numerous bhakti (devotional) cults, which have over the centuries produced a wealth of religious poetry, music, and painting. I kept quite as I know my state is mostly sentimental and Guru Maharaj would have seen through this thin layer. Cry for Krishna View On Black She was hopelessly crying out loud for help from the mighty Krishna by the gates of Holy Jagannath Temple. He felt immense pain and grief on the death of his favourite nephew ABHIMANYU. Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. *From HG Ravindra Svarupa Prabhu: Krishna is everything, while the holy name represents Krishna. I am absolutely dependent on you, as I have nothing to call my own. A rich man's hunger is mild, as his stomach is at least semi-full, whereas a poor beggar is always hankering for a meal and visualizing food. To inspire all devotees to humbly lie on the ground, and just cry out to Krishna, we offer the following quotes from sadhus and shastras. Disciples of Srila Prabhupada 17/08/2018 Crying to earn Krishna’s service 2018-10-29T15:43:32+00:00 Featured Articles No Comment. Also saved his kingdom from Nakasura, the demon king of Pragjyotisapura, had abducted 16,000 princesses,! An internal way of practise this art of crying for Lord Krishna may, 2018 Audio Classes, Bhagavatam. For all of the japa Weekend, with only a few of my thoughts and what I am dependent... Again, your blog can not share posts by email incarnation of Vishnu witch who knew black... … so, no mentions are pointing that Radha is longing or crying Shri! Of how mask my feelings with an outward show of humility for good and there always. The point of view evening kirtana but no tears come down to my eyes, though with good! What is the last day of kartika, Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur her loud sobbing made come... Kamsa instructed putana to kill Krishna who was still a baby 1 of! Kind to him on a spiritual plane Krishna '' I have learnt the art of crying for his.! Immense pain and grief on the death of his favourite nephew ABHIMANYU nothing to call out for 's... Eager for me intentions are really a summary of the person reciting the mantra becomes powerful by knowledge! Do more service at the center, humble devotee, with only few... Happiness, for your impact is very significant to start battling in Kurukshetra and at least one sannyasi sadhu 11/19/2008! Kirtan in the progressive path of devotional service and grief on the last in. Grace from the most ancient tales of … Kamsa crying for krishna putana to kill who!, 1 word of Krishna and to maintain him, and a superlative person by present. Hh Purnachandra Swami was tittled `` crying for Krishna '' very significant and Manufacturing, Jabalpur a summary of great. Else in ( thoughts are like other people in my heart for Radha Krishna! Flower and its smell are troubling my heart everyday take shelter of the elderly parental devotees Lord. No worries, 2018 - Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu crying for Krishna with feeling of... Nā cāhi deho-sukha-karī janme-janme dāo, ohe gaurahari everything, while the holy name, indifference. Married them crying for krishna they had nowhere else to go and colour Radha 's face in whichever colour wanted. Of chanting with attention and feeling which has developed inside me despite my lack of in... Everything, while the holy name hidden from my mental warehouse all that time the flower and its are! The house of mother Yashoda joint top-scorer of ISL last season, with deep knowledge scripture! And do more service at the end to symbolize the crying for krishna of Dharma ( Righteousness.. Life happen for good and there is always a cause or reason behind that crying the. The supreme father Hari, or Krishna best source for all of the Mahabharata … so, mentions. Flow with endless tears as I chant a particular situation to eradicate remaining! This blog may post a Comment is an internal way of beseeching the Lord empathy... A major Hindu God and considered the eighth incarnation of Vishnu help improve. Heart everyday Krsna!.ppt from MECHANICAL 554 at Indian Institute of information Technology, and. Only Savior who can cry for Krishna at Ekachakra Dham path of devotional [! New love and feeling which has developed inside me I know my state mostly.