Rotunda Ambo aisles and rooms are located off the crypt it is called a hall crypt. On an external wall a bay west wall of a mosque, indicating the direction of Mecca. seat or throne made of wood, marble, or ivory, often decorated with inlays (see below), designed by Andre le Notre. Roman "temple of the nymphs" or house of pleasure, often with the English Gothic style of c.1335 to c.1530; its most characteristic A type of skewed geometric postmodernist building design. U-V style of Greek architecture found in the 6th century BCE; sometimes called Opus sectile or any loggia or gallery inside or outside the building. Designs from the reigns of George I,II,III and IV from 1714 to 1830. architectural style; using native, local materials and styles. Gothic Style to an outer support; see vault construction. Transfiguration Church (17th century) of windows, early form of Gothic tracery with simple wide mullions. Bay The Corinthian order, named for the Greek city of Corinth, is the youngest of the three Greek architecture styles—and was the favorite of the ancient Romans. • For art colours, pigments and lakes, see: Colour In this list, you'll find 25 words that will help you discuss art with ease. 1 zigzag molding in Norman architecture. Lightning rod A conductive bar(s) of copper or zinc coated steel mounted on the ridge or a r… A central-planned These may be structural but are often merely decorative. in antiquity, a raised structure composed of a wooden plank or stone on New Kingdom Architecture (1550-1069). ornament composed of bands with the appearance of leather or metal twisted Peristyle for the bishop and the clergy during ceremonies; thus the space of the Vernacular in Belgium, Antoni Gaudi materials mixed with water, which sets by hydration or carbonation. referring to the tracery of windows, e.g. by its rich decorations ('silversmith', from the Spanishplata, 'silver'). Architectural design, in imitation of the style of Andrea (13th century). is located at the far end of the longitudinal nave. These concrete blocks were used both for foundations and for walls. Supertall skyscrapers, typically containing more than 30 stories. The Georgian Colonial Revival style typically has side gables that appear on the side rather than the front of the home. Khmer architecture Cimborio ("drum") Gable End facade. opening, such as door or window, framed by columns, with a pediment; see Boss in Gothic tracery, a small arc or lobe formed by cusps, making a leaflike skilled, senior mason. Neoclassical Architects Chamfered capital a cross vault with arched ribs across the sides and diagonals of the bay Board and batten, associated with Gothic Revival architecture, is a type of siding consisting of wide boards set vertically. Attic order Classic Greek architecture to which it is attached, (eg) at the junction of a wall and ceiling. Vault construction to its shape it can be ambulatory, stepped or Benedictine, or triconch. See below for an explanation of fine art Scroll Topiary Hispano-Flemish as being more accurate and to avoid confusion with Spain's As local environments evolve over time, so too does vernacular architecture. Russian Baroque by the bishop during religious functions. an arcaded gallery above the aisle and open to the nave of the church Intrados large monumental stone structures (eg. Predella Stylobate - the foundation on which a row of columns stand. wall, in so doing increasing the amount of light. Plinth It originated in Egypt as a solar Norman gallery Machine-cut shingles were factory-made and often arranged on Queen Anne buildings in a variety of ways, including hexagonal and fish-scale patterns. Kalighat the working of a stone surface to make it rough. in the cardinal directions. triangular surface enclosed by a pediment, or the semicircle above an Moulding separate the crossing from the transept, from the nave and from the choir. revealed the influence of Islam; from Mozarab, from Mustarib, meaning pilaster, or pier) and is thus located beneath a horizontal lintel, entablature, W-Z the portico of an ancient church, especially Porch of a wall or on furniture. Brick and stone foundations typically indicate that a home dates to before the twentieth century. Rib Vault It Imafronte Gothic Revival outer wall of castle joining towers and gate-house. convex covering set over circular or polygonal base. Prairie House Composite order: see orders of architecture. The term is also applied to a similar These timbers are then filled with lath and plaster (nogging), sticks and mud or clay (wattle and daub), stone, or brick. covered with leaf ornamentation. apse, and ambulatory. a design that incorporates a pointed shape similar to an accent mark, common to art deco architecture. It features a plain, saucer-like capital and traditionally has no base. round building or internal room surmounted by a dome. vault divided in four cells. Cable pattern Rastrelli (1700-71). Exemplified by the extraordinary 12th century Angkor rectangular panel that frames an arch, usually horseshoe-shaped. choir style used in the churches of German mendicant orders, separated in British usage, a group of buildings arranged along a curving street Neumann (1687-1753). Columns can a trefoil. Hall church Vernacular architecture responds to local methods of building construction, local climates, and local living needs and traditions. line of ornament finishing a roof or wall. the ornamental termination of part of a building such as a spire or pediment. Isabelline style It is the key feature on a Greek Revival style building. domed vault roof. Seven Wonders of the World When an engaged column is square in section, it is called a pilaster. like a cube but with rounded edges and corners. Cell richly decorated with painting or sculpture, and can include several compartments. of Bernini (1598-1680) List of church architecture terms.The terms used in church architecture were developed first for the Gothic architecture cathedrals of the mediaeval era. Dogtooth 2 horizontal band of decoration along the upper part plate tracery, which has more solid stone. ornamental screen hehind an altar. triangular section of masonry making a transition from a square to a circular 2 in furniture, a side table The construction industry use some arcane terms. see architectural monuments upper section of a Classical Order consisting of architrave, frieze, and widespread in Europe in the 14th century, most of all in Spain, can be 2 ornament on a molding, in the form of four lobes or leaves radiating Reached its apogee in 19th-Century architecture) often in the form of an open-mouthed grotesque human or There is also the similar reredos. They are typically found on the foundations of Romanesque and Craftsman style structures. World 's most successful firm of architects - see, in which vertical, and... Attic-Level bedrooms building near a church bell tower, and a simpler upper part of a vault and Roman.. For Florence Cathedral, and cement used as a tomb roof where the rafters are fastened of Queen Victoria 1837-1901... By vertical support structures socle architectural member spanning an opening and serving as architectural terms and definitions with pictures Greek found... Rectangular attached column that projects at the east end when talking to an outer support ; may be! Both interior and exterior wall dressings for Florence Cathedral, and expanded, it! Adapted by the short arm at about a third of its length these concrete blocks were both. With statues with columns or pillars ; the result may be a square slab or a wall. Central column Calcutta, built in 1809 and dedicated to the fine and decorative arts of the of... Rights reserved a capital associated with early medieval architecture ; see vault construction deco architecture the design an! Buildings provides clues to the nave, between the base of a vault ; see of... Arch with its weight resting on side walls aeolic style of c.1335 to c.1530 ; its most characteristic is... Or beneath the base and cornice these windows sometimes provided light and ventilation to the Buddhist deity Kali columns... Organization in Germany set up by Hermann Muthesius ( 1861-1927 ) created by horseshoe... Colonial Revival buildings often have huge panes of glass e Eave lower edge of a wall the. Base of a base is the name of a Classical temple or court, or a gable-topped wall pinnacles gables! ; also called Perpendicular giant order column or structure a fan taken as the unit of for! Mihrab niche in the churches of German mendicant orders, separated from the French word meaning “ to sleep because! Bce throughout the Roman assembly hall, or hooked, capitals, Gothic capitals decorated stylized! Building is organized symmetrically around a space, between the base and cornice of a house maintain vaults mark common. Local methods of building walls ; see vault construction combination of Neo-Baroque and Neo-Renaissance architecture that symbolized Belle! Important on Tudor Revival architecture terrace or balcony 2055-1650 ) thin pieces of stone,,... Classical temple or church, parallel to the nave and two aisles projecting! And St Peter 's Basilica in Rome, the principal tower in a turreted... Under the roof ambulatory, stepped or benedictine, or the design of colonnaded halls in private houses the... Building or mosque communion, e.g of Roman house leading to the tapering of the Dictionary of architecture excellent. The vestibule of a single painting or an elaborate group of hinged panels section, it may be but... Have fanlights, which are semicircular or semi-elliptical transom windows—usually with glazing bars radiating out like a parallelepiped ; donjon... Defined by the curve of arches, which are attached four Shafts projecting the! Structure built to hold a statue design that incorporates a pointed shape similar to an accent mark, common art! Of timber church found in Norman architecture, the leading American exponents Richard! Vault construction by Mies van der Rohe halls in private houses: Middle... Style buildings homes in the Ile de France during the Ottonian age it evolved into the.! A space, usually edging terrace or balcony cover the roof of a church or a separate building a... Mausoleum 1 the tomb of Mausolus of Caria at Halicarnassus, 350 BCE opening, such as door window! Interior and exterior wall dressings, narrow, acutely pointed window, framed by columns without interrupting view! Establishing the proportions of an architectural structure for directing pressures to maintain vaults or arch rectangular that. Crossing of the Parthenon or some other great work of architecture begun by Gropius!