The Blacksmith Shop. VA blacksmiths, metal, hand forged weapons, wrought iron railing builders, Blacksmithing Lessons, Discovery channel's Master of Arms, things to do in Virginia Blacksmith made . Blacksmiths in VA. Blacksmithing Classes, blacksmithing service. Blacksmiths near me Things to do in gloucester va the iron work . Policy for Order Cancellation. Get in touch. Modern-day blacksmith. All of the weapons and knives from Morrow’s Blade and Blacksmith Shop are hand forged to withstand the test of battle filling a void of quality weaponry and keeping to an ancient tradition shared by many cultures throughout the ages. Maker of the finest arms and armory Previous. As seen on Iron and Fire | History Channel. Blacksmithing/Knife Gear; Fire Creek Forge Custom Hand Forged Knives Made In America ... you will be notified of the latest knife opportunity before I make it available for sale elsewhere. Having the right knife on your belt is crucial and having one that’s designed exactly for you and your hand, makes the whole hunting experience that much smoother and more enjoyable. I then use a stock removal technique to form the knife blade angle on my hand made knives. Stop by the historic, 1891 Blacksmith shop and see my hand-forged knives and blades. See Cowboy's Blades. I use a blacksmithing hammer and manpower to mold the steel into the shape of a blade. When I hammer forge, I’m not limited to the width of the stock and there is less waste during the original shaping process.